When searching properties for sale on the Multiple Listing Service “MLS”, you are viewing listings that thousands, if not millions of people are sharing, viewing, and essentially competing for every day. This can make finding that “ideal” home or right investment property quite frustrating. Sites like Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, or any other home search on the Internet, all use the same source of information createing a great source for market data, and a place to compare properties. You may even find a home, however you probably wont be finding that home you really want, or the best investment, because many of those “special” properties will never make it to market or they will already be sold the day they come on.

Thats where I come in, I strive to find buyers rare opportunities and investments that are not on the market or that may have been overlooked. I prefer working with fewer clients, ensuring they are receiving the best services I can offer while always encouraging a lasting business relationship.


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